TAC TIMELINE 1976 – 2015

1976    First Session of the TAC held at TMC KL from 2nd – 3rd December

             Rev.John Kovilpillai elected as 1st TAC President.  

1977    a) First National Laity Seminar held on 16th & 17th of September in KL

             b) First TAC MYF Institute 11th to 15th April in Tanjung Malim

             c) Dedication Service of the Gethsemane Chicken Farm Cha’ah held on the 10th Sept. 

1978    Mr. Justin Clarance selected by the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports to represent Malaysia on the student-exchange program to Canada

1979    National level Church School Teachers’ Training held in KL from 20th – 22nd July

1980    TMC Kepala Batas formed as Local Church on 23rd February – the first in the TAC era

1981    TMC Perai formed as Local Church on 21st April

             A VW van registration No. WAD 2965 was purchased on 10th July for Conference Evangelism 

1982    TAC Pastors’ Consultation regarding Outreach and Evangelism Program on 5th July

1983    TMC Sg. Pelek formed as Local Church on 21st August

1984    a) Wisma TAC purchased for the amount of RM 990,000

 b) TMC Mentakab formed as Local Church on 9th February 

 c) TMC Jerantut formed as Local Church on 26th February

1985    Methodist Women Annual Bible Quiz was started (Book of Genesis)

             -TAC Pastors School with their families was held in Wisma tAC from 6th – 9th August.

1986    a) TMC Sg.Way Subang formed as Local Church on 11th May

b) “Kem Remaja” for Young Adults was held at the Highlands Gospel Centre, Tanah Rata Cameron Highlands from 10th to 12th October

c) TMC Sg. Pelek comes under the Selangor District, having been previously in the Southern District

1987    National Social Concerns Seminar for 3 days held at WIsma TAC from 29 – 31 August

1988    a) First Prayer Warriors Retreat by Evangelism and CE Boards from 29th to 31st May

b) Rev. Noel Arputharaj elected as the first Fulltime President of the Conference

1989    a) TMC Alor Gajah formed as Local Church on 12th February

b) First National Workshop on Outreach Ministry was held from 25th - 26th July

1990    a) TMC Sagil formed as Local Church on 14th January            Note:  

             b) TMC Asahan formed as Local Church on 15th January  * TMC Taiping comes under the Perak District,

             c) TMC Cheroh formed as Local Church on 17th January     having been previously in the Northern District

d) First TAC Mission Conference held from 26 to 29 April at the Sunshine Camp, PD

1991    First issue of Berita TAC was released in August

1992    TMC Rawang formed as Local Church on 1st November

1993    a) Malaysia Missionary Movement (MMM) was formed on 7th August

b) Church Workers accepted as Supply Pastors at the Annual Conference Session

1994     a) Bridge Magazine of the Missions Board launched

  1. b) TMC Ulu Klang was formed on 11th December

1995    a) Rev. Emmanuel Rajahser became the first Fulltime Youth Director

b) National MYAF formed with Mr. P. P. Abraham as the first President

  1. c) TMC Sg. Besi/Serdang formed as Local Church on 7th January
  2. d) TMC Bentong formed as Local Church on 26th March
  3. e) Formation of the Central District as the Sixth District in the Conference on 1st July

1996      TMC Jelapang formed as Local Church on 30th June

1997    Jogathon ’97 was organized under the leadership of Mr. Peter Palaya on 23rd August at the Kelana Jaya Sports Complex P.J.

1998    TMC Shah Alam formed as Local Church on 15th February            

1999    a) The Conference membership of Rev. Stanley Sadagopan transferred to the Emmanuel Tamil Annual Conference of the Singapore Methodist Church effect from 1st January

b) Church School Lesson designing Writers’ Workshop in Rawang from 13th – 14th August by Board of Christian Education

2000    a) The First Campus Ministry Retreat was held 29th January

b) TMC Jerai formed as a Local Church on 11th March

c) 1st May - more than 2500 gathered at the Millennium Celebration at the Tabernacle   of Glory Setapak Kuala Lumpur

d) First Millennium Great Commission Conference held from August 31st – 3rd September in Air Keroh, Malacca

e) Women ordination accepted by Full Ministerial Session.

f) Rumah TAC (house for the TAC President) purchased at a cost of RM 300,000

2001    Rev. S. Sadagopan seconded as Superintendent of the Methodist Centre PD effect from 1st November

2002    a) First Fact Finding Mission to Myanmar by Rev. P. Tevaraji and Rev. Victor Vethamani

             b) Family Seminar organized by the Board on Laity at TMC Sentul on 13th July

2003    a) TAC/ETAC clergy and lay leaders gathering held from 11th to 13th August in Malacca. 125 participants including 17 from ETAC Singapore.

b) MSF Inaugural Annual Camp was held from 25th – 27th October in Pulau Pangkor

c) National MSF formally organized

2004    a) Semenyih formed as a Local Church on 3rd January                

b) 2nd TAC Celebration at Indera Mulia Stadium in Ipoh on 1st May

c) Shekinah Home in Klang was started on 2nd May

d) 21st Century Church Growth Conference from 28th to 31st August. Absolutely Double. The Ten year Plan for 2005 – 2015

2005     a) Ipoh Tamil Settlement Full Membership on 1/1/05 – 1004. First and only TAC Church with more than 1000 members         

             b) TMC Puchong formed as Local Church on 2nd January                

c) TMC Subang Jaya formed as Local Church on 5th February 

d) TMC Kayu Ara/Damansara formed as Local Church on 19th February

             e) Myanmar Student Adoption Program began with 138 students at a cost of RM 100 per year per student.

2006    Rev. Dr. Joseph Kumar seconded to Seminari Theoloji Malaysia

2007    First TAC Youth School at Port Dickson Methodist Centre from 4th – 11th February

             Rev. Hendry Ponniah’s membership transferred to the British Methodist Church w.e.f. 20th November

2008    a) TMC Lahat Baru formed as Local Church on 19th January

b) For the first time the month of February was declared as the month of Evangelism

c) TMC Bercham formed as Local Church on 19th April        

d) First time Retired Ministers and Workers Sunday was observed on 7th December

2009    TMC Selayang formed as Local Church on 9th April

2010    TMC Cheras formed as Local Church on 27th March

             First TAC Pastors’ Wives Retreat was held from the 18th – 20th March At Hotel Sentral, Brickfields, KL

2011    “Fund Raising and Investment” (FRI) Task force was set up on the 9th of April

2012    TMC Kapar formed as Local Church on 17th March

The Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia has given its approval for us to form a Cooperative Society. The first AGM was held on 24th March 2012 at TMC KL

2013    a) Dedication of Single Mothers Home in Sg. Petani on 3rd August

b) Dedication of Ray of Hope (Home for Pregnant Teens and Single Unwed Mothers (Sg. Pelek) on 12th October

c) TAC Membership Software was launched by TAC President Rev. Jayaraj on 22nd November

2014    TMC Bahau formed as Local Church on 23rd February

TMC Ulu Tiram formed as Local Church on 15th March

First TAC Men’s Conference held in Shah Alam from 22nd to 23rd March

2015    a) TMC Pusing formed as Local Church on 7th February

b) We have paid the initial deposits for the purchase of a bungalow in PJ, for our New TAC Headquarters. The cost is RM2.8 million.

c) Dedication of Tuition centre in Ipoh – 25/4/15

d) Family Enrichment & Counselling Seminar for trainers -27th -28th June (KL)/4th -5th July (Ipoh)

e) Regional Children’s Ministry Conference was organized in Kuantan (10th -11th Jan), Taiping (24th -25th Jan) and Kuala Lumpur (31st Jan-1st Feb)