From the President’s Desk


Dear Friends,

Warm Greetings to you in the name of Jesus. I bring Warm Christmas Wishes and prayers for a blessed New Year to you and your family.

  1. We need to continue to pray for the family of the late Mrs. Sakunthala (former TAC M.W President) during their time of bereavement.
  2. The T.M.C Prai sanctuary that was affected by floods is undergoing restoration work. The T.A.C EXCO has released RM 30,000 from the development fund to help them meet their need.
  3. Pastors on transfer will take charge on the 31stof December 2017. Since it is a Sunday, kindly work out the details of the morning service with the local church early.
  4. Please note that the T.A.C office will be closed from the 24thof December 2017 till the 1st of January 2018. Office resumes on the 2nd of January 2018.
  5. I will be away on leave in Melbourne to visit my brother from the 15thto the 31st December. Although I can be contacted through e-mail and WhatsApp, kindly contact Rev Justin, the Board on Ministry Chairman for any urgent matters.
  6. All local church leaders are to ensure that the following payments are remitted monthly to the TAC office. Kindly advice the treasurers, especially if they are new to the procedures. The Cheque should contain:
    • Development fund (second offering).
    • Commitment fund (10 percent from the previous month’s tithes).
    • The different deductions from the pastors’ salaries. (RBS, Pension Fund, STAR Fund)
    • Any other special offerings.
  1. The Finance Chairman Bro. Augustus and Bro Peter Gunalan will be sending the salary requirements for pastors by the first week of January.
  2. Pastors are required to send in the contact details of the new local church leaders (2018) of your current church to Mrs Mercy be the end of December.

Warm Regards and God Bless.

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