Go therefore and make disciples of all nations ... Matthew 28:19a

South Thailand

The Thais are very keen in learning English because as it opens many doors for them in their lives. So many people, espacially young ones are excited about learning it. 

This need of the Thais is being met by the Tac by teaching English in Government Primary schools. At the TAC’s Centre in Hatyai, English language is being taught to the local teens especially the secondary school and university students.
It is an amazing opportunity to get to know the younger generations personally and to keep in touch with them.


Nepali workers who return from Malaysia to their homeland with their new found faith often face challenges of reintegration. Reintegration problem is real. 

Continued mentoring is being carried out to curtail this problem which is done with the help of the TAC counterpart in Nepal. Participation and visitation by the TAC which is done through short-termed mission trips is also a great help for them in their spiritual growth.




There is an increase of labor migrants in Malaysia – most of these workers are hired to do job. Their tough and difficult working situation, espacially in a foreign country, drives them to face even tougher struggles within themselves. Physical, emotional, social and psychological problems goes unattended at times. 

The Mission Board sees the value of doing ministry among them - a valuable opportunity to reach out to them to express the love and care of Jesus. 

Diaspora ministry is missions at our own doorstep.

Myanmar is one of the poorest nations in Asia. In the past two years strong economic growth is seen. In the midst of economic growth the general population lives below the national poverty line. In bringing about a change in the lives of future generation, we have taken a small step to sponsor school going children under the project called “Gift of Hope”. This project helps the poor children to go to school with hope for a better future. 

In uplifting life in villages, we have set up three community..

Our short term mission trips, our discipleship and leadership trainings                                              also helps them to equip for a better future. 

Orang Asal

East Malaysia

Indegenous Mission Works. 

There is a great need to minister among these people group.

Individual Church are involved in this ministry. 

We have been helping local churches with needed resources.