Prayer Section

From Rev.C.Jayaraj.





Dear Pastors, Leaders & Members, greetings in Jesus name. Sharing with you some info on TAC Prayer

1. As from Jan 2019 the monthly prayer gathering at Wisma TAC on the 1st Thursday of the month will be at 8.00pm instead of 10.00am. Our first prayer meeting will be on Thur. 3rd Jan 2019 from 8.00pm- 10.30pm at Wisma TAC. Please do come and join.

2. As from Jan 2019, prayer points will be sent to you weekly, instead of the monthly prayer letter. These brief prayer points would be prepared by Rev Ronald.

3. Our TAC Prayer Conference would be held from** 17-19 May 2019.

**Please keep the dates free. You are urged to be part of this major event.

Thank you very much and blessings.