42nd TAC Conference

42nd TAC Conference – Nov 17 – 19 2017


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Pastor Appointments for 2018



Theme: Seek God’s Glory

I thank and praise God for the great privilege of serving Him in this capacity. It is His doing and I am deeply humbled by His divine appointment. This year has been a learning curve experience. I thank my fellow pastors and the lay leadership for their kind prayers and support. I sincerely urge all of you to pray for me and my family daily. I pray daily for all pastors and members and especially for God to give us His direction and guidance as a conference.


This is the first thing we need to do. We cannot give God the Glory if we cannot give Him ownership. It applies to both the Clergy and the Lay. In my visits to churches, I am indeed glad to see pastors and leaders committed to do all the ministries of the work within the vineyard of God. However, there is a real need to give God the ownership of the ministry. What it means is that firstly, we must always be careful to consult God at every juncture, especially in our LCEC. Secondly, it is by ensuring that we do not seek our selfish desires or bring our own vested agendas into the ministry. Pastors or leaders who do not give God full ownership and control of their own hearts will never be able to lead their churches to seek God’s glory. There will only be politicking and recurrent divisions at every turn.


The subsequent thing we need to do is address our weaknesses in a truthful, honest way. Each LCEC must have plenary sessions to identify one or two areas of weaknesses that they will need to specifically work on for the year 2018. The questionnaire at the back of this address will be helpful.

  1. Preaching/ Pulpit Ministry

It will be not be possible to see the flames of revival without fire in the pulpit. Though many of our pastors are good preachers, some pastors are struggling even with the basics. The problem becomes acute when they do not see the need to improve because they do not get any type of feedback. They then carry on without realizing that they need to do something about their preaching, especially when members are too polite to convey the reality. I have asked the Board on Ministry to do two things in the coming years. Firstly, to find ways of bringing feedback on preaching to all pastors. This will bring encouragement to pastors who take time to prepare and preach well, while indicating the need to improve to the others. Secondly, the Board on Ministry will need to find ways to conduct personal level coaching and training to help specific pastors who are struggling in this area. If we do not address this problem, we will then find members leaving to other churches as they find spiritual food, comfort and edification elsewhere.

  1. Visitation/caring Ministry

It needs to be a two-prong approach. Firstly, pastors will now be required to set aside one day of the week as visitation day. They will need to give report on the names of the families visited to the LCEC on a monthly basis. Secondly, the lay leader and the LCEC Chairman must team-up to visit members. They should visit those who have not been coming to church for some time, the sick or even new believers. They could visit either three of five families within a month. They too will report to the LCEC on a monthly basis. This will help the two key leaders of the church to work together and also feel the pulse of the grassroots. Together with this, most churches need to improve the way we embrace newcomers and visitors. Efforts need to be taken to consciously work on this area.

  1. Being conscious of the Family unit.

All our churches must ask whether they are conscious of developing family centered ministries. There is a danger that we deal with individuals separately and subsequently lose out on the family aspect. This is the reason pastors and leaders need to visit and connect with members in their family setting. Just having ‘family camp’ may not be enough. To begin with, families can be taught to have daily family prayers and someone within the LCEC assigned to monitor whether families really do so and gather feedback to help families who do not meet for prayer. My humble plea is for each LCEC to consider this very seriously and pray and ask God what to do.

  1. Burden for the lost / Evangelism

The Go Challenge is very much still before us. Churches must not forget that the primary reason for their existence is to reach out to the lost. Many churches are weak in this area. It upsets me when churches do not even have an outreach or even a preaching point. Churches must at least begin to pray earnestly for the lost in their area. If God sees our heartfelt cries he will surely open shut doors for us to work. Only then we will be able to Bring in the Sheaves with Prayer and Perseverance. If we lose this vison, we will then become a social club, existing primarily to organize programs that only serve to keep us make us happy.

  1. Children’s Ministry

Many churches have good Children’s ministry. Local leaders must take this ministry very seriously especially because the environment in schools has become really perilous. The following needs to be done A. We need to get a committed group to pray for them and their future. B. Teachers with passion need to be identified and trained. They will need to see themselves as spiritual models and mentors. C. Lessons must ensure salvation and faith development instead of giving head knowledge alone. D. Parents must follow up on the weekly lessons and ensure a spiritual environment is maintained at home. E. Pastors must ensure VBS and other programs do not just become another annual affair but actually bring spiritual growth and faith development.

  1. Youth Ministry

We are glad to see many churches having good programs and assigning budgets for youth ministry. While this is good by itself, it becomes dangerous if it only excites them and keeps them occupied. Rigorous discipleship must be in place with conscious mentoring concurrently taking place. Only then will our youth ministry be complete. This happens when the adults can open their arms to allow them within the circle of ministry among the larger body /mainstream ministries. Pastors and LCEC leaders need to understand that individual faith development primarily takes place in the local church. The youths return to the local church after what happens to them in their camps. What happens after that? In this aspect personal mentoring becomes a key strategy. Although the District and Conference MYF have their own roles to play, the main and foremost action needs to take place in the local church, consciously, week after week.


We are glad that we had four students graduating from STM this year. However, we need to pray and encourage more youths and young adults to commit themselves. Churches must begin to earnestly pray for this during their Sunday services, weekly prayer cells and other groups on a regular basis. The Board on Ministry is open for both men and women to come in. The role of parents in this matter cannot be overstated.


Pastors are also human and they need much encouragement from all of us. The sacrificial ministry of the pastors needs to be appreciated. The pastor and the family should be encouraged to go for breaks. We are happy that the P.D Methodist center is now offering discounts for pastors during off-peak seasons. Furthermore, it will be good if our Laity Board can initiate something on a regular basis; like having a Pastor Appreciation Sunday/month or something similar.  Very often, young people are afraid and shun pastoral ministry because they feel that pastors do not get appreciated for their labor. Usually, this is a wrong assumption as members do appreciate pastors but it is done mostly in private.


We already have 12 retired pastors. Two more pastors will be retiring this year. By the year 2024 we will have 24 retired pastors in TAC. We need to remember that we are a growing conference today only due to the previous work of our retired pastors. We are merely building upon the foundational platform that was built by them earlier. While we are happy to have our retired pastors who still continue to serve when asked of them, we need to care for them further. The medical insurance stops at the age of 70 and health issues become a major challenge. This year we called for a meeting (October) for all the retired to inquire their needs and also to encourage them. Many of them are currently relying on their children. The EXCO has mandated the Pensions Board to look into a Pension Fund which will be explained further by the Finance Chairman. This small token will help mainly in their health / medical needs and also to cover some of their monthly bills.


The ministry of the MYF, MYAF, Methodist Women and MSF is greatly appreciated. Their detailed reports will be given later. It is my desire that each local church agency would prayerfully adopt one component of ministry when the three separate ministry brochures are given later.


We also need to appreciate all the chairpersons of the Boards. They will need to be more focused in the coming years. Their detailed reports will also be given later.


By God’s Grace, this year I have been able to visit many churches. The list attached at the back of this report. I am grateful for the hospitality and also for the opportunity to minister and conduct training. Next year I am also planning to visit more outreaches as well. It will be good if pastors of the churches that I have not visited this year give their dates for me to come in 2018.

  2. The TAC is part of the CCM Indian Work Committee. They are planning for a program next year.
  3. The CICLM had their first conference this year and it was attended by some of our pastors. Rev C. Jayaraj is the Chairman while Rev Devadass Ratnam is the Secretary. Some of our pastors are also the regional representatives.
  4. The FIDC met in May this year and it helped to bring all of the Malaysian and Singaporean denominational churches together.

This is an important initiative by our government. It contains vital statistics that can give us much to mull over prayerfully. I would like the Lay leader and the Board on Laity to work on ways of harnessing information from it for future ministry in. They will need to form a sub-committee, which will then organize district level seminars to help our members to understand it. It needs to be regional in order to will attract better attendance and participatory process.


Bishop has always been supportive to our TAC concerns. We are happy that that we can contribute meaningfully into the life of the Methodist Church in Malaysia. Bishop has asked that we continue to use the P.D Methodist Center as the home of our Annual Conferences. We are glad to see improvements in service. However, please note the following aspects:

  1. We need to be cognizant of the long-term roadmap that was previously set before us, especially in areas where the work among the Orang Asal as Bumiputera believers are concerned.
  2. We need to support our upcoming Methodist Prayer Convention in Sibu which will be from the 31st August to 2nd Sept 2018.
  3. Our private education initiative to bring our Christian ethos and agenda back into our schools is coming on well. The Penang School will be dedicated on the 9th of March 2018. Please attend if you are able to.
  4. The Vocational Training Centre (Aluminum works and Air conditioning) in Sitiawan will be fully functional in 2018. Please use the brochures to help needy youths who have not excelled in academics. Churches can support the particular student over the one-year program.
  5. The General Conference Pastors’ School for 2019 has already been scheduled. It will be from the 2nd to the 4th of April 2019.
  6. CCM/CFM

CCM continues to represent our concerns as the main protestant bloc. They will be having their 70th Anniversary Dinner next year and it will be good if many of us can attend it. Archbishop Julian Leow has been elected as the new CFM Chairman. Bishop Ong is one of the Vice Chairpersons. We are thankful that both CCM and CFM regularly bring out Press Statements on current issues.


It is sad that many matters in our nation rock the life of the masses. Those hardest hit are the poor and from the minority communities. Because of this, the Orang Asli in West Malaysia and the Bumiputera in East Malaysia are very much lagging behind in development. We need to see ways to empower them as well as help them to reclaim their rights and privileges. We need to pray much for the upcoming General Election in 2018. Our people need to involve themselves and not shy away from political participation. We need to pray for God’s will to be done and wholeheartedly accept the outcome even when it is not what we anticipated.



I wish to thank our Bishop and all the other presidents for their fellowship and wise counsel when needed. I also wish to place on record my gratitude to all our pastors and lay leaders who toil hard to spearhead the local churches in TAC. I also wish to thank the EXCO members, Conference Secretary, Conference Treasurer, all the Board Chairpersons and the Agency Presidents for their support and hard work. The office staff Bro. Peter, Sis Mercy, Sis Jayam and Bro Shakespeare have really been helpful to say the least. I also appreciate the prayer team and all our members in churches who pray for me regularly. Lastly, I wish to appreciate my family for sharing me with all others in TAC.




1                              Visitation to TMC Kayu Ara Service

3                              First Staff meeting in office

4                              Meeting with BOM Chairman and Registrar

7                              Board on Missions

7                              Board on Social Concerns

8                              Visitation to KJOC Service

10                           Board on Presidency

11                           Meeting with Rev Edwin Rajamoney and BOM Chairman.

12                           Meeting with Finance Board Chairman

14                           MSF Presidents Retreat in Taiping

15                                MSF Presidents Retreat in Taiping

17                                         FIDC EXCO meeting in Melaka

18                           Board on Evangelism

19                           Council of Trustees

19                           AEC Peninsular

20                           Council of Education

21                           Methodist Women Board Retreat and EXCO Meeting

22                           Methodist Women Board Retreat and EXCO Meeting

25                           Meeting with District Superintendents

25                           Meeting with Prayer Ministry Team members

28                           Memorial Prayer Mtg.

29                           Visitation to TMC Tg. Malim


1                              Meeting with Social Concerns Director, Board Chairman and Rev C Jayaraj

2                              HQ Prayer in Wisma

3                              Retreat and Planning with Prayer Team

4                                    Retreat and Planning with Prayer Team

5                              TMC Selayang Confirmation Sunday                      

8                              Board on Christian Education

9                              TMC Klang LCEC Leaders Retreat and Training

11                           Missionary Jonathan Wedding in TMC Penang

12                           Visitation to TMC Kepala Batas Service and New Building

14                           Board on Publication

15                           Board on Worship and Music

16                           Council of Presidents

17                           GCEC Meeting

18                           MMM Local Leaders Training

18                           MYAF Board meeting

19                           Cameron Highlands outreach service

23                           Board on Ministry

23                           Board on Finance

24                           EXCO Prayer

25                           EXCO meeting

26                           KJOC Formation Service




1                              Gateway Kelana Jaya. Preaching in Ash Wednesday Service

2                              H.Q Prayer in Wisma

3                              Half Day Prayer session with Prayer team

5                              Preaching in TMC Banting

7                              M. Women Conference planning meeting

8                              Pastors Development program Broga

9                              Pastors Development program Broga

10                           Pastors Development program Broga

11                           Board on Social Concerns retreat

12                           Gateway Kelana Jaya. Preaching in service and conducting Local Conference

15                           CCM Management meeting

17                                         AEC signatory change in four banks

22                           Perak District pastors’ fellowship in Ipoh

24                           Teaching on Islamization in Melaka (Independent Church)

26                           Preaching in TMC Serdang

28                           Eastern District pastors’ fellowship in Raub.

29                           Management Comm. Meeting


1                              Board on Mission/MMM and Funeral service of Mrs Kany’s mother.

2                              Visited and preached in TMC Kapar

5                              Northern District pastors meeting in Penang

6                              H.Q Prayer in Wisma.

7                              Half Day Prayer session with Prayer team

11                           Management Comm. meeting

13                           Maundy Thursday preaching in TMC Shah Alam

14                           Good Friday preaching in TMC Serdang

15                           LCEC leaders training in TMC Jerantut

16                           Easter service in TMC Jerantut

18                           CICLM EXCO Meeting

22                           Gateway Kelana Jaya LCEC leaders’ retreat

23                           Preaching in Institute of Evangelism Sunday morning service

24                           CFM Meeting

25                           11th NCC gathering in CCM premises

26                           MOT/ Students retreat planning meeting

27                           COT and AEC meetings

28                           Meeting with Mr. Subra for Hospitalization Insurance

29                           TMC Klang family camp in Melaka

30                           TMC Klang Family Camp in Melaka




1                              Northern District Family Day in Alor Setar

3                              Meeting with Central Dist. DS and TMC Tg. Malim leadership

3                              Meeting with Rev Chris Kam at DUMC

4                              H.Q Prayer in Wisma.

6                              M. Women Board meeting

7                              Preaching in TMC Petaling Jaya

11                           TMC K. Lumpur Local Conference

14                           Preaching in TMC Cheras

16                           MOT/ Students Retreat in Taiping

17                           MOT/ Students Retreat in Taiping

20                           Archives and History Seminar, Wesley K.L.

21                           Preaching in TMC Rawang

23                           KAIROS network meeting with denominational leaders

24                           Pastors’ Hospitalization Insurance meeting

25                           Southern District pastors fellowship in Seremban

25                           FIDC Assembly, Seremban

26                           FIDC Assembly, Seremban

27                           FIDC Assembly, Seremban


1                              H.Q Prayer in Wisma.

2                              Half Day Prayer session with Prayer team

3                              Go Conference, Wisma Eagle

3                              Conducted Wedding in TMC Rawang

4                              Preached in TMC Semenyih

8                              Methodist education Foundation AGM

10                           Preached in Wedding TMC K.L

11                           Preached in TMC Kampar

13                           Board on Evangelism meeting

15                           Board on Ministry and Board on Finance

16                           TAC EXCO meeting

17                           Leadership training for DUMC Tamil Ministry leaders

18                           Morning Preaching in TMC Cheras / Evening Preaching in DUMC Tamil service

20                           STM Council Meeting and STM AGM

24                           Board on Publication meeting

25                           Preaching in Institute of Evangelism Sunday morning service

26                           Teaching at Southern District MYF Camp in P. Dickson

29                           Preaching in STM Chapel service

30                           TMC Puchong Family camp, Broga

31                           TMC Puchong Family camp, Broga


1                              Speaking in TMC Puchong Family camp, Broga

2                              Confirmation Sunday, TMC Tamil Settlement.

5                              FIDC EXCO Meeting in Melaka.

6                              Kuching Tamil Ministry

7                              Kuching Tamil Ministry

8                              Kuching Tamil Ministry

9                              Children’s Sunday, TMC KL

11                           Board on Ministry Retreat.

12                           Board on Appointments

13                           Methodist Education Foundation Interviewing applicants

14                           Methodist Education Foundation Interviewing applicants

15                           Teaching Islam in Tamil TEE Ipoh

16                           Teaching Islam in Tamil TEE Ipoh

17                                         Widows in Ministry network launching Service in CCM.

21                           Half day waiting upon God prayer with prayer team in H.Q.                      

22                           TMC Pusing Fund Raising Dinner

23                           Confirmation Sunday in TMC Pusing

23                           Gateway Kelana Jaya New Building Dedication Service

27                           Trustees and AEC meetings

28                           Visiting STM Students in Seremban

30                           TMC Seremban Confirmation Sunday


2                              Meeting with Earnest Poon, Barnabas Fund.

3                              H.Q Prayer in Wisma.

4                              Preaching in Good Hope Lutheran Church

5                              Wedding in TMC KL

6                              Preaching and Communion in TMC Cheras

8                              Pastors Development program Melaka

9                              Pastors Development program Melaka

10                           Pastors Development program Melaka

12                           MMM Board Meeting

12                           Wedding in TMC KL

13                           Visit and preaching in School of Evangelism, Bentong

17                           Council of Presidents, Sibu

18                           GCEC, Sibu

19                           GCEC, Sibu

20                           TMC Klang, CE Sunday

24                           Meeting with Bishop

25                           Half day waiting upon God prayer with prayer team in H.Q.

26                           Methodist Women Conference in Melaka

27                           Methodist Women Conference in Melaka

28                           Methodist Women Conference in Melaka


3                              TMC K.L Thanksgiving Service and 120 years Anniversary Dinner

7                              H.Q Prayer in Wisma.

7                              TAC Koperasi Meeting

9                              Wedding in TMC P.Jaya

10                           TMC Klang Renovated sanctuary dedication.

11                           Visiting Putrajaya ministry

12                           GMC Kelana Jaya Local Conference

13                           TMC K. Lumpur Local Conference

14                           Meeting with Conference Lay leader and Associates

15                           Half day waiting upon God prayer with prayer team in H.Q.

17                           Preaching and Local Conference in TMC Tamil Settlement

19                           TMC P. Jaya Local Conference

22                           Ministerial Camp/ Retreat TMC K. Lumpur

22                           Opening MYAF Camp in Port Dickson.  

24                           Preaching and Local Conference in TMC Mentakab

26                           Local Conference in TMC Prai

27                           CCM Management meeting.

28                           TMC Seremban Local Conference


1                              TMC Sg Pelek Thanksgiving Service.

3                              Meeting with Perak DS and pastors

3                              Medical Insurance advisory meeting in TMC K.L.

4                              Board on Evangelism Meeting

5                              H.Q Prayer in Wisma.

5                              Methodist Education Foundation meeting

6                              Half day waiting upon God prayer with prayer team in H.Q.

6                              Speaking at Selangor District extended prayer in TMC Bukit Rotan.

7                              Conference MYF AGM TMC Kuala Lumpur

8                              TMC Banting Thanksgiving Service.

8                              THEOS Network Fund raising Dinner at Glad Tidings

10                           STM Council Meeting

10                           Council of Education

11                           Meeting with printer for conference ministry brochures

12                           Trustees and AEC meetings

13                           MSF Camp in Ipoh

14                           MSF Camp in Ipoh

15                           MSF Camp in Ipoh

19                           Board on Ministry and Board on Finance

20                           TAC EXCO meeting                         

21                           Preaching in STM Graduation service                    

22                           TMC Sentul Thanksgiving Service.

25                           Meeting with Retired pastors                   

28                           MMM Board Meeting

28                           TMC Sg Siput Leadership Training           

29                           Preaching in TMC Sg Siput.

29                           Beatrice Richards Ray of Hope new Girls Home Dedication, Sg Pelek.


  • HQ Prayer in Wisma

4                              TMC Sitiawan Wedding

5                              Preaching and Communion in TMC Sitiawan

7                              Board on Laity

8                              TAC Medical Insurance meeting

10                           Half day waiting upon God prayer with prayer team in H.Q.

11                           TMC Bahau leadership Training

12                           TMC Bahau Sunday Service

17                           Tamil Annual Conference P.D.

18                           Tamil Annual Conference P.D.

19                           Tamil Annual Conference P.D.

26                           TMC Jelapang

28                           Retreat with STM graduates

29                           Retreat with STM graduates


  • Institute of Evangelism Graduation in TMC Kuala Lumpur.
  • Methodist Women Planning meeting
  • TMC Kuantan Confirmation Sunday

6                              Ministry in Chennai, India

7                              Ministry in Chennai, India

8                              Ministry in Chennai, India

9                              Ministry in Chennai, India

10                           Ministry in Chennai, India

16th to 31st           On Leave.









  1. What are two weak areas that my church will focus on for this year? What will be some of the steps taken to address this?
  2. What are the steps taken to assure that the Children in the church receive Christ as their personal savior?
  3. What are the steps taken to ensure that the Youths are given opportunities for ministry to grow as disciples for Christ?
  4. What are the steps taken to pray for and encourage people to commit for Full Time Ministry?
  5. What are the weaknesses in the Evangelism Ministry of my local church? How is it being addressed?
  6. How does my church ensure that members are being ministered to within their family context?
  7. Is my local church visitation effective (both pastors and leaders)? What else can be done?
  8. How can we improve our welcome and follow up of newcomers?
  9. Is the Commitment Fund and the Development Fund offering being sent monthly?
  10. Is my local church praying earnestly for TAC and for the nation? How can this be increased?