From The President – Letters to Churches(March 2020)




Dear Friends, in the light of the political developments that have taken place in our beloved nation, i ask for special prayer sessions to be called and observed in our churches. It will be good if LCEC leaders themselves get together to pray fervently first as a leadership team which would then become an example for others to follow.


1st March: T.M.C. Alor Gajah Sunday Service.

3rd and 4th March: Will be away (on leave) for Quiet Retreat.

5th March: H.Q. Prayer at Wisma T.A.C, 8pm. All are welcome.

8th March: Tampin Outreach Service.

11th March: Management Committee Meeting.

12th March: Methodist Women Conference Planning.

14th March: District Prayer Gathering in TMC Kuala Lumpur.

15th March: T.M.C Semenyih Sunday Service.

18th March: Lay Pastors Gathering.

19th March: CCM Management Committee.

21st March: KOPTAC AGM.

22nd March: Central District M.Women Spiritual Life Camp.

25th March: Southern District Pastors Fellowship.

29th March: Lay Academy, Morning Service.

30th and 31st March: School of Evangelism in Kluang.


* Kindly remember all our pastors and their families in your daily prayers.

Kindly print out a copy of this letter for the church notice board, include it in the Sunday bulletin and also share it in the church WhatsApp group.


Thank You and God Bless You.


In His Grace,

Rev Dr Dennis Raj